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Unmanaged VPS, VDS, Dedicated Server
Technical Support limitation

The unmanaged servers are recommended for the experienced users or those who have their own technical team.

The unmanaged servers are designed for individuals or companies who are comfortable with  administering a server without Internet Brothers help .

Internet Brothers will perform a standard install of the server . The server will then be turned over to the customer for final configuration.

The customers takes care of all the data monitoring, security, troubleshooting and maintenance. If you are highly technical, especially in networking, You will be OK using our servies.

If tech support is necessary, we will provide this support on a charge per hour basis .  This means that support will be charged for the full minimum amount even if it only takes a few minutes to resolve the ticket. Please read this page.

Uptime of the server  might depend on how you manage the server. 

In essence, a client will need to have the skills necessary to maintain the server from the bottom up .  The infrastructure and manner in which operations occur with the server is also the complete responsibility of the customer. You must always backup every thing,update often and monitor your server.